the best Italian food at home in Los Cristianos

pizza and pasta


PIZZA Y PASTA – the nature of our service

We are pleased to be able to present the services and gastronomic offer of our small and renowned par excellence of its restaurant pizza pizza pizza and PASTA, located in Los Cristianos. This is one of the best pizzerias in Tenerife, where only the owner carefully prepares the long-ripening masses. In addition to the classic, we have others available, obtained by correct mixtures of wholemeal flours from organic agriculture. In this way, our pizzas and homemade pastas,done manually, get better nutritional balance and high digestibility. Our style doesn't reflect any other conventional way to make pizza. It's a new approach, the result of careful logical analysis of twenty years of professional experience. The nature of the service we offer (freshly prepared dishes only), limited seats available and very limited hourly production require table reservation and a patient expects from our customers, also in the case of home delivery of the products ordered by phone or through our online store in advance.