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Good reasons to choose our meals:

  • Traditional Italian wood-fired oven pizza
  • Meals without chemical additives, only with organic flours and healthy processes
  • Long-ripening masses of our mother yeast that respects your intestinal balance
  • Whole masses with ancient wheat varieties known for their healthiness
  • We understand Hippocrates' logic, the father of rational medicine – it's a duty
  • Our food is much more than a commercial product
  • Here you are someone but a customer, you're a conscious consumer

Wake up! – no diet you know can be considered healthy and at the same time contain chemical pesticides! 

Why trust our bio?

Biopanification is the biological and mechanical process of transforming flours and cereals into bread and other similar foods (Pizza, Etc.).

The production system for these flours is natural, without any chemical additives, which benefits our organisms by caring from the intestinal flora to the immune system, ensuring well-being and health.

Our production method marks a before and after in the quality of pizza in the Canary Islands, achieving significant eco-sustainable change in this field of hospitality.

Under our work philosophy, we help local small businesses that also work bio products, trying to maintain that model “Craft” sustainable that is talked about so much.


Our pizzas, become an important part of your health thanks to masses made from healthy stone-ground cereals that don't lose any flavor or nutrient; helping your nutritional balance and strengthening your body while enjoying traditional flavors.


Due to the ecological certification of our flours and the high quality of our ingredients, we guarantee well-being, health and peace of mind for consumers of our products. Exceptional flavors and careful elaboration, will make you feel sensations again that the “fast food” had made you forget; a simple product of high digestibility, great style and a gourmet look are our greatest pride.


Classic flavors along with aforementioned quality guarantees, will make you enjoy a healthy and enjoyable experience at the same time, adding joy and vitality to your daily routine Are you going to miss an opportunity like this?

Our masses

Find out which special mass we currently have available

whole-grain or white-dough pizza
As well as the name whole-grain pizza indicates the product obtained from […]
This week we present the integral mass of the scan (triticum monococcum), also known as little spelt, it was one of the first man-made cereals..
Uncovered in the ancient flavors of artisan bakery in this period we began to propose pizzas, Breads, seals and pastas prepared with whole organic flour from the ancient Italian grain called Verna..

Our culinary offer is oriented in the production of pizzas, Pasta, breads and other foods made exclusively with organic flours, whole grains and old Italian cereals ground to stone.

Consumption of grains from organic crops accompanied by ancient gastronomic technology ensures a safe well-being and maintenance of intestinal health. The mother yeast of our production offers life and flavor to each of our masses, ensuring proper fermentation and maturation of tens of hours in controlled temperatures.

Periodically we will announce theIntroduction  of a new special dough prepared with wholemeal flour of old grains, between which we find: Miracolo, Maiorca, Frassineto, Verna, Iervicella, Farro Monococcum, Farro Dicoccum, Spelta Grande, Rye, Buckwheat, Kamut, etc.

The special mass available can be known by following the category “Biological masses” from this blog.

Online store - how it works?

New health and consuetudy rules try to persuade consumers to choose takeaways, with electronic payment and delivery without physical contact with the seller or dealer.

Our on-site service is accessible by clicking on  button rEye from the page "MENU«, you enter the online store and place the order order using the STRIPE secure payment card service.

Our confirmation of your application is manual, almost immediate and is notified by email. The message we send contains all your purchase details, indicating the approximate time of delivery, Approximately 30 – 60 Minutes.

Alternatively,, by pressing on the Button Greenyou can book a table in our restaurant; confirmation of our acceptance is also communicated by email in a few minutes...

Our mission is to fulfill confirmed orders, with the highest quality of the product, respecting health standards and being true to good common sense.. 

If you perceive any difficulties in order management you can always call us to get more information about your specific case.



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